Tuesday, January 11

Poll: Which baby boy name do you prefer?

Well, it's that time again that we are getting down to the nitty gritty of picking a name for this baby. We like to wait until we meet this little person to decide for sure (and Jaxon still insists that he can change the name if prompted to during the baby blessing - but he knows I might just pitch a fit), but I would like your opinions on the matter. If you like one, then let me know in a comment. If you don't like any of them, you don't need to let me know :). Happy voting!



Saturday, March 27

Something I've discovered....

Last year I finally read The Secret cover to cover. Since then, I've heard from various sources that it's a miracle, it's garbage, it's sacreligious, and that it's a nice thought, but mostly a waste of time. The basic premise is this: we, as human and spiritual beings, have the power to manifest pretty much whatever we want by utilizing our attitude and our mental capabilities. We can attract anything we want to ourselves. Health, wealth, happiness, a bike, a car, a trip, anything we want we can have by (get ready for this) believing and being grateful that we already have it.

Most people (myself included) tend to concentrate on the things we don't have or don't want. We think "Oh no, I'm getting sick," " I never have enough money," "______ has so much more _____ than I do," etc. The Secret teaches that when we are grateful for what we have, and give thanks for the things we want, as if we already had them ("I'm so grateful for my health," "I'm so happy that we are financially stable," etc.) then we attract said things to ourselves.

One quote from the book really stuck with me, and I actually wrote it down and taped it on the walls around my house. It says "what you think about you bring about" so when we are sick and think only of being sick, we attract more sickness. Basically it's saying that God, or the Universe, or the Mystics, or Skeksis, or whatever you believe in, gives us what we think about most. So, you change your 'tude, you change your life.

Anyway, so I'd been thinking about these things quite a bit and wanted to try out some of the ideas, but in a smaller way. I was trying to figure out where I could utilize these ideas when I woke up one morning and felt that dreaded feeling of impending sickness. My throat hurt and I felt really tired even though I had just woken up. I started thinking "Oh no, I'm getting sick, I hate being sick, how am I supposed to be a good mom if I'm sick, I don't want to get Rose sick...." Sick, sick, sick.

That little voice inside me said "Um...right now would be a good time to learn something" so at first I started thinking "I am not sick, my body is not sick" but I heard how many times I was thinking "sick" so I changed my thinking. "My body is healthy, my body is strong, my body is well." I just sat there for maybe like 3 or 4 minutes with my eyes closed, repeating that mantra to myself. Then I got up and took some vitamin c (which has never worked for me in the past, but the Secret teaches you to picture it and then ACT). I repeated this exercise that night and every night afterwards (and sometimes during the day) while I still felt yucky. Lo and behold, my illness never progressed past the minor sore throat phase, and that was gone by the 3rd day! Hallelujah!

A fluke, you say? Minor coincidence? That's what I thought too, so I tried it weeks later when I felt myself getting sick again, and it worked. Again. I havent been sick in about 5 months, and it's been heaven. I also use it with Rose. I just put her name in instead of "I".

Try it! It costs nothing, it's not hard, and it just might work for you. As for me, I am going to attract a house into my life, and maybe a graduation cruise for Jaxon and I :). Good luck!

Monday, February 1

To immunize or not to immunize....

Lately, I've been reading and hearing this subject discussed all over the place. It seems like it's a big deal, or maybe it's because I have a baby now and I'm paying more attention. Either way, here's my 2 cents:

About 6 weeks after Rose was born and the time came to start her shots, I got a lot of stuff in the mail plugging the pro-shot agenda. I even got a free, bound shot record so I could keep track of when and with what they stuck Rose. I started researching and talking to people and came across a wide variety of opinions. Some were vehemently against them, some were indifferent, and some thought that not getting your children shots was borderline criminal negligence. So, as in all things parenting, I decided that I had to make up my own mind.

I went to her pediatrician appointment and her doctor kind of skimmed over the whole "would you like to get shots for your daughter" and skipped to the "when can we start" phrase. I told her that I wasn't sure I wanted Rose to get the shots, that I hadn't made up my mind but was leaning toward not.

She got huffy.

She wanted to know why I didn't want to get Rose shots, and I told her that I knew of people personally and otherwise that have had their children handicapped by shots. She basically went on to tell me that that was rubbish, that there was no risk in shots, but there was severe risk when a child contracts an illness that could have been prevented by shots (no argument there). She then handed me some brochures (which I read - I'm nothing if not well informed), and told me I can start her shots at her next appointment, if that was what I wished. So, I left, and I grumbled to Jaxon about pushy doctors all the way home. So, I went back and rechecked all my sources, talked to more family and friends (and doctor friends), and finally decided that although I think modern medicine is amazing and miraculous, I will be waiting to get Rose her shots until I feel that her body can handle them.

When I went back to the pediatrician, I was armed with my knowledge and my motherly instincts. I was ready for her dissaproval and her withering looks so they bounced off of me like I had my own force field. She tried to convince me some more but finally gave up and made me sign a bunch of wavers that I had agreed to this, it was my prerogative, yadda yadda yadda. So, I signed em and off we went, sans shots.

My train of thought is this: a baby is born and is immediently assaulted with all the things she has to do to just survive. Learn how to eat, breath, regulate body temperature, ward of bacterias in the air, etc., and with shots, we inject bacteria into their bodies so that they can add 'make antibodies for a disease that can kill full adults' to an already LONG to-do list. I know of families that have a perfectly physically and mentally healthy baby right up until the second they get the shot, then they get sick or wind up in the hospital, and they are mentally handicap forever afterward.

If you ask me, it's not worth the risk.

No, not all children are negatively affected by immunizations, but unfortunatly, you don't know that your child will react negatively until AFTER the shots. Damage done. I think the shots are just too much, too fast. If we could spread them out, wait to start them until the child is a little older. Or better yet, develop a way to test how the child will react! Until then, Rose will be shot free.

Friday, January 22

Snowpocalypse 2010

So....this is a little bit of a catch up post because I've been taking tons of pictures lately. We've been spending lots of time inside because of the massive storm that been going on outside so cabin fever has been a daily occurance. We have ventured outside occasionally, just for a change of pace, but we got chased back inside by all the snow! But first, here's some adventures with corn starch:

The highlight of her day :)

And here are some snow pictures:

Snow angel!

Sunday, January 10

Swimming is so much more fun with a baby!

As I read through other people's blog's, it seems that the people I follow blog about important things, while I fill my blog with....seeming nonsense. I was trying to figure out some profound and important things I can blog about, I couldn't stop thinking about taking Rose swimming for the first time last Saturday and how much fun we had. So, in short, let the nonsense commence!

In the kiddie pool

Playing with mom :)

She had so much fun in the water

I love this girl!

Monday, December 14

Ah, the joys of Motherhood

Okay, so something that happened this morning has been firmly established as the grossest thing that has happened to me since becoming a mother. Rose and I got up around 7:30, as usual, and came out to the front room to change her diaper, as usual.

I laid her down and took off her diaper and there was a little bit of poop in it, something that, although unusual in the first diaper of the day, it's not unheard of. So, I started wiping her down and in the process of changing the old diaper for the new diaper, I happened to look down and see that she was using this time to go #2. Again. I had no diaper under her and I had this split second decision of whether to let her go all over her blanket (one of those big fluffy soft affairs that are a pain to wash) or to catch it.

So, in my split second thinking, I compared the washing methods of the two materials involved. Blanket = suiting up Rose, walking through the snow to our apartment laundry room, waiting for it to wash, waiting for it to dry, all including like 4 trips through the snow. Oh yeah, and having to pay for the whole experience. And hand = a warm and comfortable (albeit quick) walk to the sink and some vigorous washing. Was there ever really a question?

So yes, folks, I caught poo in my hand. And it was a lot, and totally gross. But I don't have to do a load of laundry, and that's always a plus, right?


Well, we've taken a big step forward in the baby-proofing department, we got a wall mount for our t.v. and made shelves for all our gear. It took us about 2 days and a trip to Home Depot to finish it but we love it!.

The (almost) final product - these shelves might make me go shelf crazy - as in, putting shelves EVERYWHERE

Cleaning and organizing...

Rose watching dad be handy :)

Jaxon being handy!

And on another note, we found a good seat for Rose :)

She is very cute, no?

Tuesday, December 8

Finding a new hobby

Recently I have been trying to get into photography a little more. I've always loved it and I admire people who can take beautiful pictures.'s "Week in Pictures" is one of my favorite things. Anyway, I will be posting my attempts here, I would love any feedback :)

Friday, December 4

Life is always an adventure.....

I actually set up this blog a few months ago and have just gotten around to organizing it and well, using it. I won't give you a long winded history, but I think I will start the last time something of note happened. Let's see....when was it...?....oh yeah, THANKSGIVING. Holy cow, this Thanksgiving is one that will live in infamy. It was the first time in a very long while that we have had ALL 8 (yup, count 'em, EIGHT) kids in my family and all of their kids (minus 1 east coaster, and those bwuabs on a mission right now) together at my sister Wendy's house in St. George, Utah. We were not only celebrating Thanksgiving, we were also celebrating my mom's wedding to Larry Olsen. Everyone has been looking forward to this for months and it started out so well! The wedding was scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving and that morning Jaxon woke up sick sick sick as a dog. Stomach flu! I was doing the flowers for my mom's wedding and had to just check on Jax periodically and I basically just passed Rose off to family members while I worked on flowers out on the porch (thanks all you guys who took care of Rosie for me!). So, I was rushing all over the place trying to get myself and Rose and the cake and the centerpieces and the bouquets ready without the help of my right hand man. Talk about bad timing! Anyway, it turned out well, my mom looked BEAUTIFUL, the flowers got done, and I got to dance to a slow song with my hubby at the wedding vomit free! Count my blessings for sure!!

So, the day after the wedding, I joined the sickies (there were a few more by then) and throughout that day about 4 more people got this wierd 24 hour throwing up and everything else virus. The next day when we left, a few more people had the virus and had to drive a lot of hours to get home. Everyone was sick (including my mom on her honeymoon) and Jaxon and I had a 5 hour drive in seperate cars to get home. Well, everything went fine until we hit "The Gap" on the reservation in Northern Az. Those of you who have driven the road from Flagstaff to Southern Utah probably have seen The Gap. It's made up of a gas station and a trading post. Well, as we were driving past said gas station, two dogs decided it was the perfect time to RUN OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC GOING 70 MILES AN HOUR! I saw them running across and I missed them but Jaxon, who was driving behind me totally slammed one of them. I tell you that if I ever get the chance to erase any images that are in my head, that one will be numero uno. So, we pulled over to see if we had just killed someone's dog only to find out that the dog wasn't dead (gruesome, I know) and no one at the gas station would claim it. So, as Jaxon and I were deliberating how to put this dog out of it's misery with what we had (a pocketknife and our keys - we got pretty creative), the dog silently passed. Now, if you know me, you know that I HATE hitting animals when I'm driving. Jaxon has had to get a ironclad promise out of me that I will not swerve the car I'm driving for any animal smaller than a deer. Ugh, it's the worst. While we were standing there trying to figure out what to do, a Native American family pulled over and asked us if we had just hit that dog. We said yes and guess what they did! They laughed! They told us it's not the first time and definatly not the last time it will happen and they told us to leave it there and someone would come pick it we did :)

So, about 30 miles outside of Flagstaff Rose starts screaming bloody murder from the backseat so I pull over and we are trying to figure out whats wrong with her, only to find that 1.) she is sick of being in the car (join the club) and 2.) she has managed to poop not only out of her diaper, but up her back, around her shoulder and down to her elbow. So we get to experience changing a HUGE blowout at night, on the side of the highway when it's 40 degrees outside. Thankfully Jaxon switched cars with me so he could carry on the "entertain the baby" show until we got home. And did I say that during this whole drive I was developing a killer cold? Yeah, it was not the best trip, but I was glad to be home! Can't wait for Thanksgiving next year!